Belt Conveyor Manufacturers in India

Base Conveyor, known as the best Belt conveyor manufacturers in India, offers you quality products made with the latest technology and advancements to perfectly match the latest needs and requirements. We have a highly professional expert whose foremost priority is customers’ ultimate satisfaction, and we offer you a customization feature so that every individual can have a personalized solution.

Let’s just understand the belt conveyor first:

Belt conveyors are a mechanism system designed to easily transport physical items from one point to another. The system consists of moving and carrying belts with a pulley or rolls, which generally rotate around these belts and make them effective in driving material. They can be used for the movement of physical materials like goods, raw materials, machinery parts, and more based on needs and applications. Belt conveyors have truly become a mandatory part of industries in material handling due to their effective features. It reduces a lot of labor costs and time, and the main aim is to make transportation easy. They are also known by the name of conveyor belts.

These belt conveyors are available in the market and are ready to install, or you can customize them with the help of Belt conveyor manufacturers in India. Base Conveyors is known as the best belt conveyor manufacturer and has an expert team of experts seeking perfection with every project.

Components of belt conveyors

This extreme explanation of the components of the belt conveyor will enable customers to choose the best belt conveyors. A typical belt conveyor system includes a frame, ideal rollers, head and tail pulleys, and most importantly, belts.

  • Head pulley: an important part combined with the actuator and electric matters that allow the pulling force. The head pulley is also known as the discharge, as it is located at the point where conveyors usually offload.
  • Tail pulley: this is located at the loading end of belt conveyors and also comes with a wiper that helps to clean the belt so as not to let the material slip off. Tail pulleys are generally mounted on guides to make transportation smoother by reducing the belt’s tension.
  • Idler rollers: these are located at different locations to provide strength to the belt to carry the load effectively without any sagging. These rollers come in many types, including troughing rollers, rubber disk rollers, screw idler rollers, trainer idlers, and more. Belt conveyor manufacturers allow you to use anyone that matches all your needs.
  • Conveyor belt: here comes the most important part of belt conveyors, which performs the actual function of transportation. The Belt conveyor manufacturers in India allows you to choose across its types, such as steel cord belts, textile carcass belts, cleated belts, corrugated belts, and steel belts with different strengths and capacities of loading.
  • Frame: the part that combines all other components and provides efficient working; it usually depends on the loading, height of operation, and distance that needs to be covered.

Types of belt conveyors

Base Conveyor, the best Belt conveyor manufacturers in India, allows you to choose your best based on your needs. We understand the customization needs, which also creates demand for different types of conveyors based on different applications. Below are the types already available in case anyone does not fit your requirements. The Belt conveyor manufacturers in India allows you to have one personalized for you only, and they will make it only after the proper analysis and applications.

  • Flat belt conveyors: this is the most simple and common type of belt conveyor that allows the transportation of light to mid-weight goods where low speed is needed. It can also be used with a minor slop for effective loading and transportation. Belt conveyor manufacturers allow you to use different types of belts for effective working.
  • Modular belt conveyors: modular belt conveyors are known for their hygiene and are highly used in the food and beverage industries. They are made up of plastic and steel modules joined together to form a belt. These come up with the property of conveying, which means they can be easily used as inclined, horizontal, corkscrew, and circular paths to perfectly align with the different needs.
  • Curved belt conveyors: this particular type of belt conveyor has a fabricator-designed curved frame to carry the item around the corners. Curved belt conveyors are specially used where space is limited, as they save space up to an angle of 180 degrees.
  • Cleated belt conveyors: cleated belt conveyors come with a barrier or cleat in their design. These allow the separation of all the segments, which ensures that no particle would get mixed, roll, or fall off the conveyors during the movement of goods.
  • Incline/decline conveyors: incline conveyors need tighter tension force, higher torque, and traction of the belt, which is just the opposite in the case of decline conveyors. These inclined belt conveyors have traction on the surface against any fall of the product from the belt, and they are incorporated with a gear motor, a center drive, and a take-up with a rough surface, which reduces the fall of the product.
  • Sanitary and wash-down conveyors: these are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where they need sterilization and harsh washing to ensure health and safety. They are specifically made to handle sanitary procedures; here, thin flat belts are used to cope with the needs.
  • Roller bed conveyor belts: these are just one step ahead of belt conveyors, as they have a series of rollers on the surface. They ensure that there must be no sagging of belts at all, specifically used for heavy-load products, and that they can be effectively used over longer or shorter distances.
  • Concrete conveyors: these concrete conveyors are used for easy transportation of premix concrete mixtures at 300 degrees. Not only this, it allows you to pour material in different directions made up with the latest technology to fulfill all your needs.

What are the benefits of belt conveyors?

These are the benefits you get from the belt conveyor manufacturer, who customizes it as per your needs and requirements:

  1. It allows the easy and fast transportation of material from one place to another.
  2. It automatically eliminates the labor cost and also gives effective productivity.
  3. Prevent human injury and remove the damage chances overall.
  4. Make the multi-floor movement easy.
  5. Allows the loading and unloading of trucks in an effective way.

Features you get at base conveyors

  • Comprehensive solution: the feature that makes us the best Belt conveyor manufacturers in Indiais that we allow the customer to choose from a wide range of belt conveyors to ensure that each returns from our place with complete satisfaction of their needs.
  • Affordable range: The best belt conveyor manufacturer allows you to have premium-grade belt conveyors at a very affordable range. The property is satisfaction instead of any other profit.
  • Premium quality: we promise you that all the components used in your customized belt conveyor must be of premium quality, as we want customers to have a one-time solution against their investment, and we ensure you that all our products are durable and reliable.
  • Timely delivery: we ensure that all work will get completed on time. The best belt conveyor manufacturers don’t think of any inconvenience to their customers at all.

The list of features does not end here; you will get to learn more about them once you get in contact with us as soon as possible we also have a different types of conveyors like Belt conveyor, Assembly line conveyor, Airport conveyor and many more.