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Understanding roller conveyors

A roller conveyor is a mechanism consisting of a frame and a series of rollers that come with the feature of movement, either manually, by gravitational force, or by power. These roller conveyors are specifically used for moving goods from one place to another and are usually used where transportation is needed for light- to medium-weight goods such as boxes, cardboard, crates, pallets, polybags, slave boards, and trays.

Base Conveyor is known as the best Roller conveyor manufacturers in India, as we work for ultimate customer satisfaction. We understand how important the customization feature is to fulfill the requirement. Base Conveyors offers you experienced experts who listen to your needs, understand them, and offer you a top-notch solution. Before that, to get the best roller conveyor, we think the customer must understand all the components of the roller conveyor.

Component of roller conveyors:

  1. Rollers: it gets its name from the rollers only; these are the cylindrical-shaped rollers fitted in the frame with a set of bearings on both ends. Numerous types of rollers are available to match the needs of customers against the need for transportation. The best Roller conveyor manufacturers in India allows you to have rubber, plastic, steel, and aluminum rollers to match the requirements of smooth transportation.
  2. Structure: a roller conveyor frame can be temporary or permanent and made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Temporary rollers are known to be the most convenient for part-time use as an individual is also capable of assembling or disassembling, which can be kept aside safely if not in use. The permanent system is fixed at a place where the roller conveyor manufacturer allows you to have it in different sizes, materials, and styles to meet the needs of load transportation from one place to another.
  3. In addition to these main components, a roller conveyor system consists of a motor that provides uniform transportation of material; non-precision bearings are used for the transportation of light loads; angular contact ball bearings to handle combined radial and axial loads; pillow block bearings to handle misalignments; roller conveyor sprockets that allow rotary motion; and roller conveyor curves that allow change in any direction.

Types of roller conveyors:

Base Conveyor, the best Roller conveyor manufacturers in India, offers you the benefits of its versatile nature, which keeps pace with the unique needs of industries. There are different types of roller conveyors available with distinctive features, styles, and materials, which allows you to find the one that suits your requirements.

  • Gravity roller conveyors: this is the most basic type of roller conveyor. They have a frame with rotating rollers, and supporting legs, and are positioned in a direction that supports the gravity for the movement of the goods. It is primarily used for the transportation of light- to medium-weighted materials as they move only with gravity; there is no use of power or effort at all, which makes it a cost-effective and premium choice.
  • Manual roller conveyors are an upgraded version of gravity roller conveyors that are the same cost and time-effective as gravity roller conveyors but require a little manual effort for the movement of goods over a short distance. They are set to a certain height, which makes transportation easy and are primarily used in warehouses and industries to facilitate transportation from one place to another, especially when there is a floor system.
  • Flat roller conveyors: this particular type of roller conveyor is free from motors, but roller conveyor manufacture allows you to have a motor for better working. These are commonly used in product packaging and labeling production lines and are also used as a bridge between the different product lines. They have a flat roller at a short distance where manual effort is needed for the movement of goods.
  • Power roller conveyors: these rollers have a motorized roller for the movement of products from one place to another. They are generally powered by a belt, chain, or o-ring, which keeps the movement at a defined speed by the user, which can be increased or decreased easily. It allows you to transport heavy loads and is highly used in warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution applications.
  • Powered roller conveyors: these are used to carry loads at a defined speed and are used where transportation becomes difficult with gravity or manually. It makes the horizontal transpiration of goods easy and effective.
  • Assembly line roller conveyors: this is the most common type of roller conveyor used in manufacturing industries, where the purpose is the easy transpiration of the components of machinery at a particular place, which is then assembled further. It makes it easy for the assembler to have all the parts of a product at a single destination where he can use his efforts only in the assembly instead of carrying them one by one

Where are the roller conveyors used?

The Roller conveyor manufacturers in India offers you customization to match your needs. Base conveyors allow you to either go with customized conveyors or choose ready-to-install for effective and immediate actions.

The uses of roller conveyors include:

  1. Movement of goods from one place to another
  2. Ease of transportation of cumbersome goods
  3. Saving labor costs through effective transportation of materials
  4. Prevent injuries caused by lifting.
  5. Ensure the safety of labor and products.
  6. It is time-efficient as it is the quickest solution for transportation.

These roller conveyors play an important role in airports, packaging industries, the food and beverage industries, and a lot more.

What are the benefits of choosing roller conveyors?

Base Conveyor, the best Roller conveyor manufacturers in India, offers you numerous benefits with their commitment to quality:

  1. Roller conveyors come with speed control, making the process damage- and risk-free.
  2. These are known for their reliability; you can trust the quality.
  3. The quality assures you a long-lasting life without any additional cost.
  4. Roller conveyors need limited maintenance.
  5. Improves the movement and enhances efficiency.

Base conveyors: the best Roller conveyor manufacturers in India

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